Manuscripts 2023

Published manuscripts

Juliana Melo, Patrícia Tometich, Tatiana Walter, Márcia Umpierre | Strategies towards territorial security for communities in the Brazilian coastal zone impacted by industrial activities

Mariana Évora, Sónia Pintassilgo, Violeta Alarcão | Can the Colonizer Decolonize? Ethical and Methodological Dimensions of a Research Project in Colombia

Laura Mendoza Sandoval | Controversies about the moral economies of agroecology. Insights from ethnographic research in Andalusia

Luís Filipe Olival | The Rhizomatic Growth of Integral Cooperatives within an Ecology of Commons and against the Capitalist Hegemony

Boyd Rossing | Facing Patriarchic Whiteness in the Commons and Solidarity Economy Movements: Embracing Decolonial Feminism

Gerardo Costabile Nicoletta & Catarina Lopes Mateus | Decolonizing neorurality. Co-optation processes and limitations of socialeconomy practices among southern European neorurals

Mário Yanez | The Self-Organizing Bioregion: Commoning the pluriverse in an ‘already-shared world

John Clammer | Art and Solidarity Economy: Imagining and Creating the post-Colonial/ Post-Modernity Pluriverse

Bianca Barp, Mário Aquino Alves, Fabio Grigoletto, Caio Coradi Momesso | Collaborative networks among family farmers in Vale do Ribeira: the construction of solidarity economy alternative and a common political agenda

Book of Abstracts

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